Friday 5 January 2018

That Friday feeling

I've had a gentle start back to work. Not all my yoga classes are running yet for various reasons: and I turned up to teach yesterday to be greeted by a bemused host who wasn't expecting me. That gave me a couple of hours to fill, so I went to Sainsbury's (because that's how we roll in the Shire).

I had a voucher that meant if I spent £60 I'd save a small fortune on petrol, so I tried hard, even though this is a lot more than I'd usually spend in one go. I carefully added up my costs as I went around, putting  things in my trolley that I didn't actually need yet but that would come in eventually - washing powder, kitchen roll, that kind of thing. However, I must have miscalculated, because the bill came to a massive £75. Bugger!

Other endeavours have been more successful. With a lot of help from number two son, I now have a Facebook page for me as author here. It would be great if you could pop over and give it a 'like'. Thanks to Sally Jenkins for prompting me to get on with this - and please 'like' her page, too.

Off to the theatre tonight to see The Play That Went Wrong. Laughs galore are expected.

Have a lovely weekend, folks.

If you would like to join this bloghop, send your details to  and she will do the necessary.


  1. Thanks for flagging up my FB page, Julia and wishing you lots of 'likes' in 2018 (& smaller shopping bills!) in 2018.

    1. Thanks, Sally. Perhaps this time next year we'll both be millionaires!

  2. Have given the page a like for you Julia - will try and keep my eye on it too although I'm not very good with Facebook.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Maria. I really appreciate the support.