Wednesday, 27 June 2018

National Writing Day

Today is National Writing Day, a collaborative initiative between First Story and partner arts and literacy organisations across the UK. It is supported by Old Possum’s Practical Trust and Arts Council England.

I didn't hear about this until it was too late to get involved in any events (maybe next year?). However, there is some good stuff on the website - for example, under the 'Resources' tab there are ideas for students of all ages. There is also 'Write Away', which invites us to write freely for seven minutes from the prompt:

'I feel most free when I...'

OK? Off you go.


  1. That sounds fun. I like how your National Writing Day has lots of children's activities.

    We have a similar day in the states called I Love to Write Day. Appropriately enough, it falls on November 15th, right in the middle of NaNoWriMo.

  2. I didn't know that, but I'm planning.

  3. I feel most free, huh... Okie dokie!

    I feel most free when I know his nibs and my son are "secured" somewhere. Like at work during the day or at night (I'm a night owl) when they are in bed and I'm piddling around on the laptop. (Which is sort of funny since don't worry about my daughter and her family. I guess I've officially relinquished care of them to my son-n-law Jesse!) So apparently I feel most free when I don't have to worry about anyone for the very near future. Feeling free may involve music (during the day) or silence at night. Either way it when I'm able to be alone with my own thoughts and not having to take care of others. Only once, however, in my married life have I felt totally free, and I had to travel from Utah to Maryland to experience that. My BFF and I ran away to Baltimore to stay in a lighthouse. We ended up driving up and down the coast for a week. No worries. I surprised myself. I truly thought I'd be freakin' worried 24/7 about my family at home without me here to "direct" their lives. Imagine MY surprise when it didn't turn out that way!!! :D (Gee... I hope it was ok to put that on here. If that's not what you wanted, Julia, please feel free to delete it. :) )

  4. Then I better write something (besides work on my genealogy)