Sunday 8 July 2018


'Schmooze: to chat in a friendly or intimate manner, especially at a social gathering'

Yes, that covers it; that's what I've been doing recently. I can't really call it networking, because that sounds very businesslike and professional, when what I've actually been doing is drinking wine with arty types at various locations around the county.

On Friday evening, for instance, I was at a book launch for Silencing Anna by Sadie Mitchell, a local author I met at a social evening run by the publisher who is handling my yoga book. (Get you, missus!) This is the first book by this author, but I'm sure it won't be the last, It's a disturbing psychological thriller - and if I tell you the blurb includes the killer line:
 'Only Anna knows the truth, but Anna cannot speak' 
I'm sure you'll want to rush out and buy a copy.

It was a lovely evening (gin van available, for those that way inclined), with a good turnout and lots of convivial chat and,  most importantly, a queue to pay for a copy of the book.

Silencing Anna is available from Amazon  or direct from the publisher.


  1. Mitchell's book sounds exciting. Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. I just love when you use words like convivial. :D They're beautiful, and you only really see them used in Victorian-type literature. Oh, and the musical Camelot! Sounds like you've taken to the author life very well! :D

    1. I'm just an old-fashioned girl at heart. ;-)