Saturday, 16 June 2018

Reflections on recent 'appearances'

While they're still fresh in my mind, here are my reflections on the 'writerly events' I mentioned on Sunday.

The bookstall at the garden centre taught me some valuable lessons:
  • I need to be more assertive when it comes to promoting my books
  • While it is always lovely to meet new people, you can waste an awful lot of time listening to someone drone on about their own ambitions when you know full well they have no intention of buying a book
I'm undecided whether this was a worthwhile use of my time. I did meet some interesting passers-by and all of us sold some books (and we made a donation to Marie Curie from our takings), but it was a very long afternoon. The jury is out.

Holding forth
I have no such qualms about the talk I did at Towcester Library this afternoon. Certainly the audience was on the small side, since many of the library's regulars had chosen to celebrate Father's Day early. No matter. After a sticky start, I ended up with an audience of ten, which was fine. After all, they had no idea what to expect!

Milena, who had arranged the event, was the perfect host and made me feel very welcome. I should love to go back and do another talk, if she'll have me. I sold some books, made some useful contacts and discovered connections with people I didn't know before today. I'd definitely chalk this up as a success.


  1. Glad you sold some books even if you aren't sure about that first event.

  2. Interesting what you say about events like these. I've been to author talks where there have been questions at the end. Often, the question has been about the askers (is this even a word?) own writing and nothing about the author.

  3. Mmm, I hear what you're saying about the book stall, always a difficult one. I suppose all you can do is be friendly, and encourage people.

    On a positive, you are getting your name out there, and people do remember. So if you do decide to do another, perhaps you'll see someone again who didn't purchase the first time, but might think differently about you and your book on a second sighting.

    Re the talk, well done, ten is more than I've seen sometimes at these events.

    The whole promotion thing is tricky, and no one thing seems to work for everyone. Keep mixing it up I say...and try to have fun at the same time.
    I do believe networking is the way, whether we like it or not.

  4. It's great that you're appearing at these events, Julia. I can relate to your experience about being monopolised by non-buyers but I feel there's no alternative except to be polite. Glad the library was a more positive experience.


  5. ohhhh lets not mention about lack of marketing. My bain.

  6. You put me to shame, while I am judging fashion shows (really?) you are out there, promoting your books. I must get my own act together...(I am director of a marketing and design company - that should help eh? - um, well, apparently not!) Keep up the great work and I will try and avoid fashion shows...:-)