Saturday, 12 November 2011

Buying a new mobile phone

Been out into town this morning with hubby Clive to get him a new phone.

He’s a bit of a gadget boy, but having taken a realistic look at our finances and paring the features down to those he actually needed, rather than just fancied the idea of, he settled on a pay-as-you-go Orange phone. Since he only spends about a fiver a month on texts and calls, it really isn’t worth him signing an all singing, all dancing contract for the latest iPhone.

Even so, he couldn’t resist having a look at the range of smartphones on offer, and drooling, just a little, at the prospect of all the lovely apps and gizmos. While we were waiting for the helpful young lady to retrieve his chosen model from the depths of the stockroom, he managed to take his photo (twice) on the demonstration iPad on display. Honestly, sometimes it’s like having a toddler in tow!

So now he is sitting across the room from me playing with his new toy. Oh no, apparently he’s not playing, he’s exploring its myriad functions. Having run through the entire musical repertoire of ringtones, he is now pressing buttons and beeping away happily. He has just exclaimed: ‘Ooh, I can do video calls!’ Bless.

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