Monday 14 November 2011

How to invest in the movies

Les Dennis (Google Images)
I have become a film investor! My friend Becky at Reelscape Films has launched an ingenious initiative for funding her next film project: Fortune Cookies, a comedy featuring Les Dennis, no less! She needs to raise £30,000, so has asked that people invest anywhere from £5 upwards to support the project by buying the chance to get up close and personal with the glamorous world of filmmaking. 

For £5 you get a thank-you credit on the film’s website; for £1,000 you get an invitation for you plus one to the cast and crew screening and wrap party; a day set visit or extra experience in the film for you, plus three, including a Chinese takeaway meal with the cast and crew, a box of fortune cookies, an item of signed memorabilia, a credit on the production of the film and a personal letter of thanks; and there’s a range of options in between.

I’m really taken with the idea and have bought-in for the chance to be an ‘extra’. OK, so we’ll be filming in the Midlands, rather than Hollywood – but who knows where it might lead! If nothing else, it will be another box ticked.

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