Wednesday 2 November 2011

This is me

I reckon myself to be a writer, so why have I only just set up this blog? Actually, I did have a stab at it a couple of years ago, but didn't stick at it. When I revisited it, life had moved on and, to use the psychobabble, I'm now in a different place. So a new start is called for. By way of introduction, this is me…

Professionally, I edit and proofread the work of others, as well as writing myself - many articles published over the years and six books to my name. More to come, I trust! I'm also a hatha yoga teacher, working with the philosophy that anyone can practise yoga to improve his or her physical, mental and spiritual strength and flexibility.

This is me on the Fourth Plinth!
Personally, I am a part-time vegetarian and full-time control freak. I have a husband and two grown-up (or at least growing-up) sons, an ailing lizard and two fish tanks. I toil on an allotment, sing in a choir, walk and cycle (but not as much as I like to think I do) and go to Zumba classes. I love wordplay, intelligent comedy and loud music. I hate moths, UGG boots and belligerence.

I wasn’t sure how to finish this posting, so sought advice from my elder son Sam, a graduate in Creative Writing. He said that a sure sign of a writer’s desperation and lack of imagination is to conclude with: ‘Then they woke up – it had all been a dream.’ I won’t be doing that, then.

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