Thursday 21 February 2013

Hair today...

When I was in town the other day, I was approached by a young lady who asked me if I'd like to have my hair cut at Tony & Guy for £10. Further investigation revealed that she wasn't just some random loon picking on dishevelled middle-aged women, but was a student who needed some heads to practise on. Since it's been a while since I'd had a 'do' I took the plunge.
Norwich canary, pic from
Despite the fact that Abby (for that was her name) only looked about 12, she made a lovely job. My hair is very thick and tends to be a touch unruly, if I let it (which I have just recently - who mentioned Hagrid?), so she did well to tame it. There was a worrying moment before she finished my fringe that gave me a look of a Norwich canary, but by the time she'd done I was much improved.
I've just overheard my son talking to his friend via Mumble saying: 'You can't keep a fish in a dog-food container.' I can only imagine what led to that. It reminds me that his brother once told me: 'You can't make an omelette without grating cheese.'
Anti-Embolism stockings (TED)  Medium Regular(Thigh length) 3416LF(flight socks)
Not my mother's legs!
I had a thorough workout yesterday helping my mum into her Ted socks, those examples of sexy hosiery that guard against post-op clots or, as Wikipedia puts it: '. . . are designed to remedy impaired musculovenous pump performance caused by incompetent leg vein valves.' I love the idea of incompetent leg valves. If only they'd try harder there wouldn't be a problem!


  1. I'm glad Abby did a good job and got to practice while at it, very nice of you to let her "play" with your hair scissors in hand ;)

  2. I look SO much better for a good trim. :)

  3. wow £10 for a pampering at Tony and Guy? Marvellous

  4. Yes, a real bargain. But as a marketing ploy it worked, because I've made another appointment!