Friday 22 February 2013

Things I'm pleased about this week

Time to Celebrate The Small Things again. Rather a quiet week, but here goes:

1. Finished the Winnie The Pooh jigsaw I started weeks ago. It is 1,000 pieces, but each one has a tiny picture on it (in 'minature', as the lid annoyingly puts it) and it was ridiculously hard.

2. Think I might actually sell my pine bed on eBay this time. I have a bidder!

3. Sent off a story for the CheerReader comp.

4. Managed to proofread most of the March issue of Logistics & Transport Focus. (What larks!)

Who has something bigger to celebrate?


  1. Sweet Winnie the Pooh puzzle - - that's awesome! Congrats on getting a story off for CheerReader, and getting that proofreading done! Way to Go!

    Plus, I read your last post on your hair - congrats on getting a great hair cut - I have a tendency to look like Hagrid too and had mine cut a week ago.

  2. That's a nice puzzle, I haven't done one in years. I would always get so far through and then give up! I used to like working on them though :)

  3. It's very therapeutic and quite a social thing, all the family crowding round the table angling to put in a piece.

  4. I can't tell you when last I worked on a puzzle... and that Winnie The Pooh is really cute.
    Congrats on the story submission and the bed bidder.
    Happy Friday!

  5. I love working puzzles - and that one would have driven me mad! Well done for finishing it!

  6. Fun puzzle, though sounds very hard! Happy celebrations ;)

  7. I love puzzles, but hadn't heard of that type. Sounds frustratingly fun. Good luck on your story!