Wednesday 22 January 2014

Anyone else think time is going slowly today?

Come to that, anyone else think the whole week is dragging its heels? Not that I'm wishing my days away, but come on! Can it really only be Wednesday? The view out of my window isn't helping my mood either. You might think that the accompanying picture is bleached out, but no: this is really the colour of the sky. Miserable, ain't it?

Still, pulling myself together I can at least be grateful that I'm not the woman who was ahead of me in the bank yesterday who paid in £1. One pound! There's a story of bailiffs waiting to happen, I fear.

There was a brief moment of respite this afternoon when my son misread the title of one of what he calls 'Mum's weird yoga books' as 'Mindfluming'. It was actually 'Mindfulness' - but fluming the mind sounds much more fun.

I'm enjoying the build-up to the BBC 500 words writing competition. Even for those of us slightly  over the 13 years age limit (ahem), there still lots of useful advice on the website and in the various interviews and features on the radio at the moment. Worth a look. Many years ago, I worked for the PR department at the WHSmith head office and was on the edge of the arrangements for the Young Writers Competition. Seems like a lifetime ago.

STOP IT! Starting to get maudlin again. Time for some energetic yoga  and a bit of mindfluming.


  1. I liked your mention of the BBC 500 words writing competition. I was one of the markers last year and was given a number of stories in the 10-13 years section to mark. I have applied to be a marker again in 2014 but haven't heard anything yet.

    Your involvement in the YWC sounded interesting.

    1. Wow, Jan, that must have been amazing. Have you done a blog post about it? I hope you are able to get involved again this year.

  2. Yes, I have days like that! Like the mindfluming - sounds so interesting.