Saturday, 18 January 2014

Anyone know anything about tiles?

Following my recent chunter about decorating, I have a question for you.

We are doing up our hall and lifting the manky carpet has revealed what I assume are the original 1920s floor tiles (see pic). Do I try and restore them (with help from an expert), even though some are slightly damaged and a bit wobbly; do I lift them and try to sell them on eBay; do I lift them and chuck 'em and relay fresh flooring; or can I lay new flooring on top of them? Anybody know? Or do you know someone who might know?

Thanks, folks.


  1. I reckon "lifting them" might not be as easy as you think, they'll be stuck down like the proverbial. I'd go for re-laying of the wobbly ones with some flexible tile adhesive & live with it for a while. Do you actually like them though ?

    1. We've had so many different opinions. Really don't know what to do for the best.