Monday, 23 June 2014

Musings for a Monday

A sorry sight
A newsletter has just come through the letterbox from our local councillor.* Our ward is called Clover Hill, which is a bit Enid Blyton - and none the worse for that. The newsletter is very cheerful this month. Another set of adult fitness equipment has been installed in the park and the Mayor is to cut the ribbon at the official opening ceremony on Saturday. I think it would be more appropriate if he were to do a few minutes on the cross-trainer to show us how it's done. Perhaps he will.

There is also a snippet warning us of potential disruption when our road is resurfaced 'shortly'. Hmm. This has already happened - and there was very little fuss. Our road is now pothole free.

Best news, though, is that plans to use part of the former Maplefield School site (which is on my road) as community facilities are gathering pace. The school closed several years ago and since then the site has been left to decay behind ominous metal fencing. Actually it didn't close as such; the school moved to brand-new premises in nearby Corby where, coincidentally, I've run some yoga sessions for the teachers. Whatever: there are weeds and padlocks and an air of despondency on the old site. A small committee has been busy drawing up a constitution and fully costed business plan for the necessary alterations and everyday running costs of the facility.

The site is owned by the County Council, which supports the idea, but it is our local Borough Council that would need to give approval for the project to go ahead. Not quite sure how this works, but surely the good people on the local council won't object - will they?

* I was going to get in touch with him in response to the newsletter, but he doesn't have an email address!

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  1. Enid Blyton...... don't be surprised if you see constable Goon on his beat there :-)