Monday 2 June 2014

Pigeons: possibly the dumbest birds in the world

There is really no excuse for posting this picture, except that I thought it might make you smile. We have a very small bird bath, barely big enough to house a sparrow, but that didn't deter this pigeon from taking up residence there this morning. Either he didn't realise that his tail was getting wet or he had a hot bottom; either way, I thought he looked daft enough to warrant a photo.

In other news today, I've had a little play with Smashwords (see previous post) and uploaded a short story. At least I think I have. If you try to read it but are stymied, please let me know. It's free.


  1. Yep, not even pretty to look at.

  2. Great little story, wonder what's next for Jenna?

  3. That is funny - and ridiculous! Thanks for the story, Julia and well done for experimenting with Smashwords. Was it straightforward to use?

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. Yes, it's straightforward. There is quite a scary-looking style guide, but once you get into it if you've used Word it's OK. The advice about cover design is a bit full on. They recommend using a 'proper' designer. I didn't go to the trouble for a free short story (my son created me something using Paint), and even for a paid novel I'm not sure I could run to the investment. Something to thing about.