Monday, 9 March 2015

Hello, Monday

Well, that was a good weekend. Number Two son Joe has been with us on and off. He had a couple of gigs locally, so stayed over rather than spending money on train fares. Lovely to see him, as always. His brother Sam joined us for Sunday tea and a political rant or two, bless him.

Before that, though, the weather was so grand on Saturday I took myself off for a walk in the morning and then pottered in the garden all afternoon. I had a bit of a tidy round, then sowed the first of the new season's seeds. That allotment won't fill itself!

Don't you think that a corkscrew hazel (see pic) is the most excellent value? In the winter, it has wonderful contorted branches that make amazing shapes, followed by glorious catkins. OK, the summer is a bit so-so, when the leaves adorn it like hankies that need ironing, but they are a lovely colour. Then come the nuts, if you can get there before the squirrels do.

Yesterday morning I went to a yoga session with the lovely Lindsey Watson in Loughborough on the theme of  radiance and bliss, something I'm always looking for! She incorporated a gong into the relaxation session. Who doesn't love a gong?

I watched some of the Comic Relief Danceathon yesterday on the red button. I know of three people who took part and I saw two of them on TV. Amazing, given how many folk were there. I thought it looked great fun and I wish I'd been part of it. Cynical son said it looked like hell on earth, all that jigging about with strangers and self-aggrandising celebrities. Undeterred, I leapt around the living room to show my support.


  1. Love the photo of your hazel, Julia - it lifts the spirits to see signs of spring at last!

  2. My mum has a corkscrew hazel in her garden too - it's lovely in all seasons.

  3. Rosemary and Wendy, I've learned from the Daily Telegraph crossword that the correct name for a catkin is ament or amentum.