Monday 2 March 2015

Post-workshop reflection

My yoga friend and fellow teacher Penny and I held a workshop afternoon on Saturday on the theme of 'Here Comes Spring!' We did chanting, breathing and posture work with the aim of achieving some measure of rejuvenation and generally getting in touch with our inner child (if you'll excuse the jargon). We had a great time, although I says it as perhaps shouldn't.

We had 18 participants of various ages, shapes and levels of fitness and experience. The great thing about yoga is that everyone can do everything; it's just a matter of finding a way. Can't balance on one leg? Hold on to the wall! Don't want to wrap both legs round in a seated twist? Just wrap one round! Think you can't do a handstand? Think again!

I mention this last posture in particular because we included it on Saturday. What was interesting was that when we asked who fancied having a go, only a couple of people put up their hands, but actually everyone either did it or one of the modified alternatives. It was a joy to watch. There were a couple of less-than-elegant descents, but no one clattered to the floor in a painful heap. Just goes to show what you can do when you try.

Cartwheel, anyone?


  1. I haven't done cartwheels in decades.

  2. Sounds a great session - wish I lived nearer! Mind you, it's anything but spring here - snow this morning and rain now.

    1. It snowed here yesterday, too. The daffs don't know whether to come up or not.