Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Everything in the garden's lovely

I had a splendid weekend. It began with a yoga class with Carrie-Ann at Yoga Freedom. We finished with a deep relaxation: so deep that when she asked us to start moving our fingers and toes I was convinced I hadn't got any. I had to try really hard to connect with my body.

I came home full of energy, though, which I used on all manner of domestic tasks, including a hefty session of gardening. Lots of things are starting to grow on our indoor staging, in the mini plastic-covered greenhouses we have outside the back door and in the soil at home and at the allotment. I spent all Sunday outside, too.

There is no cute bird picture to accompany the blog this week. Instead I give  you...

...snail orgy! Yuk or what! Of course, it has been pointed out to me that snails are hermaphrodite. That doesn't make this picture any more attractive.

Entertainment on Saturday evening came in the form of comedian Patrick Monahan at the local arts centre. He is such a lovely man and absolutely hilarious. Husband and I have seen him at this venue before and as he was seeing out each member of the audience with a personal hug (honestly: he always does), he said to Husband: 'You were here last time. You're a baker, aren't you?' Very impressive.

We have another comedy night booked for Thursday (local boy made good James Acaster hosting a charity do), Fairport Convention on Saturday, then the Undercover Hippy on Sunday. This is why we never have any money. Hey-ho.


  1. You have such interesting evenings out, Julia! Yuk with the photo. You're making me want to start doing yoga, by the way, but it would have to be very gentle as it's too many years since I did any.

  2. What an eventful weekend - deep relaxation, a comedy show, and a snail orgy! You got it going on! lol I hope this weekend is every bit as good as the last. :)

    1. Yes, Lexa. This weekend has been fun, too, with more music and comedy. Thanks for stopping by.