Friday, 13 January 2012

The Divisional on the radio

Warning!Proud mother moment coming up!

Younger son Joe's band The Divisional were played on Radio Northampton yesterday morning. It always sounds a bit odd when I've got my MP3 player on 'random' and their song comes up, so to hear them on the radio was very odd. I'm so proud! The presenter, the incomparable Bernie Keith, played their song 'Insecure/Manicure', and was very complimentary and is passing the CD on to a colleague who focuses on unsigned bands - so watch this space. (Follow the link - they're on at about 40 minutes.)


  1. Wow, a superstar in the family! May he be successful & keep you in the manner to which you'd like to be accustomed!

  2. Thanks, Sally. Today Northamptonshire, tomorrow - who knows!