Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Mmm, tasty!
So the Yoga Journal 21-day challenge has started. Actually it started on Monday, but I didn't get going until today, which means I'm already two days behind. Ho hum! Had to look up what arugula is to make the recipe of the day (it's rocket, which I didn't have, so I used watercress), which was a jazzy omelette - or omlet, as it said on this American site.

I've been invigilating today; maths and biology. The session went very smoothly, which meant that while I was prowling the hall in my oh-so-sensible and, importantly, silent shoes, my brain was free to wander. I came up with a couple of themes for future yoga lessons, an idea for a short story and decided what to cook for tonight's dinner.

The trickiest part of the job is coping with the boredom. Once you've practised your balance by walking along the basketball court markings and decided which student gets the award for Most Outlandish Hair Of The Day it's dangerously easy to lose focus. We have all been known blithely to ignore a waving hand under our noses because our attention was elsewhere.

A guilty pleasure
So after that exciting day I'm going to treat myself to some mindless entertainment and watch Midsomer Murders. I might even pour myself a glass of port. Eh, I know how to live.

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