Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Little bit of politics

1. Wetherspoons is to open a pub on the M40. That can't be right, can it? Read all about it here.

Where's a shiny-suited satirist when you need one?
2. My local councillor has given me the opportunity to express my views on the proposed gypsy/travellers' site in our area. One option is on a tiny road in the town centre behind the church hall; the second is just down the road from our house on the site of a disused school (we are all assuming, although it doesn't actually mention the school in the bumf we've been sent); the other is on a plot that was formerly occupied by some garages and is at the entrance to our allotment site. The challenge is to compose a constructive letter without coming across like a raging fascist.

3. Pregnant women are being advised to opt out of modern life (details here).

Please insert your own jokes/despairing sighs.

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